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    SubjectPROBLEM: Letters mysterously changing from a to e.
    [1.] The letter 'e' spontaneously gets changed to the letter 'a'.

    I am not sure if this is a problem with the kernel, the editor I am
    using, or maybe it is just a hardware problem. However, this problem did
    not show up until I upgraded to 2.2.0 from 2.0.34. Here is the situation,
    I spend about 6+ hours a day writting a MUD. I find a bug or something
    that needs to be changed so I go and edit the file and recompile the
    program. Once in a while the compiler will stop and give me an error that
    there is an undefined variable. The strange thing is it can even be in a
    file that has not been changed for days. The variable is defined, under a
    different name and what happens is an 'a' gets changed to an 'e'. At
    first, I noticed it when I was really tired so I attributed it to that.
    However, since I upgraded from 2.0.34, I this is happend atleast 20 times.
    A couple of them could be from a legitament typo I made, however it
    consitantly happens. One time a 'p' was changed to a 't', this could have
    been my mistake and since it has not happend again it probably was but Im
    not sure how. It is alsoways the lower case 'a' and it only happens one
    time per file. A couple of times it has happened twice in a row. I would
    fix it in one file and then another file, which compiled fine 15minutes
    prior and not touched, has the a to e problem. I will try rebooting with
    a 2.0.34 kernel later tonight. I am using a standard slackware 3.5
    installation from the infomagic June 1998 s6-cd developer resource set.

    [3.] kernel
    [4.] Linux version 2.2.2 (root@nazgul) (gcc version egcs-2.90.29 980515
    (egcs-1.0.3 release)) #1 Tue Feb 23 16:47:36 CST 1999

    [5.] n/a
    [6.] n/a
    Slackware 3.5
    gcc -v: Reading specs from
    gcc version egcs-2.90.29 980515 (egcs-1.0.3 release)
    ld -v: GNU ld version 2.8.2 (with BFD
    as -v: GNU assembler version 980303 (i586-linux), using BFD version
    joe: Joe's Own Editor v2.8 (from slackware 3.5 compiled with libc5)
    make -v: GNU Make version 3.76.1

    [7.2] /proc/cpuinfo
    processor : 0
    vendor_id : GenuineIntel
    cpu family : 5
    model : 2
    model name : Pentium 75 - 200
    stepping : 4
    cpu MHz : 89.816104
    fdiv_bug : no
    hlt_bug : no
    sep_bug : no
    f00f_bug : yes
    fpu : yes
    fpu_exception : yes
    cpuid level : 1
    wp : yes
    flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr mce cx8
    bogomips : 35.84

    [7.3] /proc/modules
    Do not have any.

    [7.4] n/a
    I have 32meg of 72pin non-parity SIMMs
    I am using a 6.4 gig maxtor EIDE hd.

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