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    SubjectRe: 2.2.2 two major problems
    > Linus (and all CD creators) -- please do NOT make 2.2.2 the CDROM release
    > version!!!
    > #1 - Had to rebuild a RAID array 3x8G raid5 set. mke2fs causes entire
    > operating system to hang due to "out of memory" condition (I've got 128Meg
    > in the machine). Looks like the attempted fixes in inode.c are not
    > successful yet in flushing the buffers. Got it to finally work by reducing
    > the RAID to 3x6G, and using 16384 for the bytes-per-inode -- this could've
    > been a show stopper (my RAID had failed).

    Did you try to use 2kB blocks for mke2fs ? IMHO, it should help.

    Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz
    phone (48)(58) 347 14 61
    Faculty of Applied Phys. & Math., Technical University of Gdansk

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