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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux stance by Richard Stallman
In article <7dls0b$uq2$>,
Nick Holloway <> wrote:
>ObKernel: the kernel does not fall back to using /bin/sh to execute files


A zero-length /bin/true does not work reliably, and never has. That's
why it's not zero-length any more (not on any modern system I know of,
anyway). You need to have the magic "#!/bin/sh" part to make it be
reliably recognized as a shell script.

However, making it do anything but a simple "exit 0" is horrible.
Anybody who really thinks /bin/true should report a version number and a
help string (or even a copyright notice) needs to get his head examined.

Yes, the FSF coding style says it should do it. But you should never
let rules overrule common sense - if you do, you end up doing stupid
things (this is _especially_ true of the FSF codingstyle - see the
kernel Documentation/CodingStyle about some other issues).


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