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SubjectRe: multiply files in one (was GNU/Linux stance by Richard Stallman)
"Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" wrote:
> Steven Roberts writes:
> | Of course, I'm thinking a userfs solution would work here.
> Why? Methinks a library would suffice, especially for trivial archive
> formats (ar comes to mind). There's no need for special kernel involvement,
> except perhaps to make it transparent --- and a stdio extension to allow
> transparent redirection of I/O for specially-configured (FILE)s would solve
> that one just as well.

It's the transparent issue. But as Alan mentioned, the psuedo-nfs has
been done, and people are looking into using the CODA hooks to do it.

A special stdio hook would work, but then you have to change a lot of
code (or at least recompile/relink.


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