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    Subjectnew "distro", of possible interest
    Hey Maestros

    This version of cLIeNUX, a client-use Linux, is the one I'm going to
    start mouthing off about extensively, and I start here.

    Some aspects of cLIeNUX may be of interest to some of you, so it's in
    good faith that I sway from the topic of this forum. I hope I don't
    bore you.

    cLIeNUX loop installs with a 887k 2.2.3 kernel with every filesystem type
    and HD I could get in the image. dmesg is a mess. Hopefully a good
    portion of what's in there will actually work. This is because the
    bulk of cLIeNUX loop is a loopback file. It's 15 meg gzipped, 43 meg
    ready to mount.
    As such cLIeNUX should demo nicely on a lot of different x86 machines.

    cLIeNUX is the core of a full distro that doesn't exist. cLIeNUX
    builds and maintains itself, including the GNU C-only tools. Although
    there's no X, cLIeNUX is quite useable for many kinds of development.

    As an example of how cLIeNUX is different than other distros, the Root
    floppy has a little script that puts up 2 Bash'es, and includes the
    "manpages" for sh, mount, ld, cat and ed from the
    "UNIX Programmer's Manual", AT&T 1971. Yes, 1971. With dmr's permission.

    cLIeNUX is different.

    Title: loopcLIeNUX
    Version: 19990325
    Entered-date: 19990325
    Description: client-use-oriented Linux distribution.
    self-maintaining GNU/Linux with C-only gcc, runs and
    builds 2.2 kernels. Lots of documentation in HTML, no X,
    uses loopback file to demo or install from many different
    filesystem types. Much simplified from other distros.

    cLIeNUX attempts to provide docs in contexts where they
    are most needed. As such, you are looking at the beginning
    of the installation instructions. cLIeNUX loop consists of
    3 files, cLoop.gz, cBoot and cRoot. The latter two are
    install floppy images. You write them to floppies with dd
    or rawrite.exe, boot with the cBoot floppy, and follow the
    instructions from there. Other notes in INSTALL.ASC
    cLoop.gz will be visible from any filesystem type that is
    readable by the Linux 2.2 kernel, which probably includes
    the filesystem of your current OS. cLoop.gz can also be
    unzipped and mounted by Linux as is.
    Included; Lynx, zgv, sc, modules, 2.2.3 kernel, libc5,
    EPIC/splitfire, gforth, slrn, pmail, pppsetup,
    SVGATextMode, Dvorak and azerty install

    Keywords: client simplified self-documenting newbie distribution

    Author: (Rick Hohensee)
    Maintained-by: (Rick Hohensee)
    Primary-site: /pub/colorg/


    * 4k INSTALL.ASC
    8M cLIeNUX-19980926.tar
    * 15M cLoop.gz
    2k cLIeNUX.lsm
    * 2k loopcLIeNUX.lsm
    * 950k cBoot
    * 1200k cRoot

    ## * It's not on metalab at this writing. It is on ....

    Platforms: 386-compatible computer, 12 meg RAM, 43 meg HD, 100 meg HD
    needed temporarily at install time, floppy drive.

    Copying-policy: various; some cLIeNUX-specific materials limited to
    redistribution only in a whole intact cLIeNUX

    Rick Hohensee
    from a spiffy new shell in .de :o)
    best to reply to

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