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SubjectRe: smbfs still timing out
Date enscribed thusly:


> Ok, I tried the inline password form, and it is still mounted, except
> pagefile.sys is inaccessible. Hmm, really wanted to screw with my NT
> box's paging. ;) (j/k). I last mounted that partition this morning,
> when I sent my last message. So, I guess this would really be a samba
> problem, and not a kernel problem.

Still a bit early to tell, but it does look that way, yes...

> However, I really don't like entering the password that way. A grep on
> .bash_history for the password is plenty of reason for *that* little
> bias! Too bad there's not a way to alert bash that a particular string
> is actually a password, and that that string shouldn't be kept in
> ~/.bash_history.

Use the environment mechanism or command substitution? You defeat
the history problem a couple of ways if you are really worried about that...


# eval `cat`
export PASSWD=foo

Or on the command line the same way...

# smbmount //server/foo `cat` .....
export PASSWD=foo

Yeah, it's a kludge, but it will help out while I figure out WTF
is still busted...

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