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    SubjectRe: smbfs still timing out
    On 25 Mar, Michael H. Warfield spewed forth:
    :: Matthew Vanecek enscribed thusly:
    :: > One last thing, to make sure it's not user error: Does it matter where
    :: > you enter the password? i.e., enter it on the command line or wait for
    :: > the Password prompt? For some perverse reason I seem to prefer typing
    :: > my password at the password prompt, because it's not echoed back to the
    :: > screen.
    :: Let me say that it shouldn't. It use to. Prior to 2.0.3, there
    :: was a problem. I'll double check the 2.0.3 tarballs and make sure the
    :: fix for the password cache made it in there. Before, if you passed the
    :: password on the command line or in the PASSWD environment variable or after
    :: a '%' in the USER environment variable, the password would get cached
    :: for reconnects. If the password was prompted from the console, it wasn't
    :: cached and the smbmount daemon would be foo when it went to reconnect.
    :: You could try one of the other methods jsut to determine if it DOES
    :: make a difference. Maybe I missed some silly case somewhere...

    Ok, I tried the inline password form, and it is still mounted, except
    pagefile.sys is inaccessible. Hmm, really wanted to screw with my NT
    box's paging. ;) (j/k). I last mounted that partition this morning,
    when I sent my last message. So, I guess this would really be a samba
    problem, and not a kernel problem.

    However, I really don't like entering the password that way. A grep on
    .bash_history for the password is plenty of reason for *that* little
    bias! Too bad there's not a way to alert bash that a particular string
    is actually a password, and that that string shouldn't be kept in

    Matthew Vanecek
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