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SubjectList delivery has routing trouble (was: Is only me ?)
Riccardo Facchetti <> wonders:
> Hello,
> is only me or the mailing list is silent ?
> (No e-mail in the last 24 hours)

There is a strange routing problem in NORDUnet network,
which prevents from reaching a part of
the world -- I take that to mean that the same part
of the world won't reach either ...

The list delivery will resume once the routing bug is
fixed, as a matter of hours, I hope.

Mind you, I realized what was going on only a couple
hours ago, and the situation has been on for 36 hours.
(Email queue timeouts threaten at 72 hours, I hope it
won't get to that..)

> Ciao,
> Riccardo.

/Matti Aarnio <>
<> (and other addresses)

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