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SubjectRe: nfs inode busy message in 2.2.4
Thierry Danis <> writes:

> > Tom Holroyd <> writes:
> > > kernel: __nfs_fhget: inode 218787 busy, i_count=2, i_nlink=1
> > > kernel: nfs_free_dentries: found //ROCKY2.JPG, d_count=0, hashed=1
> > > kernel: nfs_dentry_delete: //ROCKY2.JPG: ino=218787, count=2, nlink=1
> Does it need to be so verbose ? Are all these 'debug' outputs
> supposed to be commented in the future ? (Just for curiosity,
> no critics here :-)

As soon as we're certain all is working well there, these printks will
probably be converted to the /proc/sys/sunrpc/nfs_debug - enabled
equivalent. At the moment they are unfortunately still proving useful


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