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SubjectHPT343 Chipset Support (announcement)

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:33:14 -0800
From: Support <>
To: "Andre M. Hedrick" <hedrick@Astro.Dyer.Vanderbilt.Edu>
Subject: Re: your mail

Hello Andre,

Thanks for the reply.
You can post the driver and information if you'd like,
but you would have to handle any support issues that come up.
We don't have a Linux system here, and no one in the office is very
familiar with the environment - so handling technical support issues
regarding the Linux 343 drivers would be difficult.
Let's try and work something out - what kind of ideas sis you have?

Highpoint Technologies

Andre Hedrick
The Linux IDE guy --

APC UPS Daemon Support Center.
Going FSF/GNU or GPL2 source soon.

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