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SubjectRe: Problem with larger IDE drive
On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Guest section DW wrote:

> Hmm. Then you are looking at other code than I am.
> Alan's 2.0.37-pre-patch-8 introduces a few (minor) bugs compared to 2.0.36
> that used to be present in late 2.1.*, early 2.2.* but were corrected in 2.2.2.
> I'll construct a diff and send it later this evening.
> (Will first have to remove all EZ-Drive related changes.)

I said that it was close as of Mar 4, and we have done alot since, nad all
the EZ-Drive stuff is absent. We are close to 2.2.3/4, but more like
2.2.1/2. Please don't undo the series of drive->id updates yet.
I would like us to be consistant between 2.0.X and 2.2.X, until we get the
BIOS and CHS stuff fully resolved, what we have now works, regardless of
the uglyness.

Andre Hedrick
The Linux IDE guy --

APC UPS Daemon Support Center.
Going FSF/GNU or GPL2 source soon.

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