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SubjectSMBfs problems

I'm having a rather curious problem with some NT shares that I have
mounted via SMBfs.

The shares mount fine, and work for well under "light" loads, but when
under stress (like a BRU or tar backup, find, or anything that does a lot
of directory scanning) the share "disappears" (ie. the top directory
suddenly appears empty save for . and .. ). The share is still mounted
according to mount, and df still reports the correct capacity and usage.
The only way I've found to recover is to umount & remount it.

The syslog is absolutely silent on the subject the only oddities I've
found are a couple of messages like:

Mar 15 17:31:49 saturn kernel: smb_dont_catch_keepalive:
server->data_ready == NULL

- and -

Mar 19 19:51:52 saturn kernel: smb_statfs: dskattr error = 5

However, they don't correspond to the event. They appear at a times when
the mount was healthy and there is no error logged at the time of death.

Other relevant info:
Kernel 2.0.36, observed on both SMP and UP.

I've observed this on shares mounted from both NT Server 3.51 SP5
and 4.0 SP3.

smbclient (via smbtar) has no problems on these shares, it's just smbfs.

Russ Steffen

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