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    Subject[RFC] Rights for hardlinks


    A few days ago I found out an unpleasant thing about hardlinks. See
    the following situation:
    Lets have an innocent user A and evil user B. The user B writes
    a program which will watch for example /tmp directory (or any directory
    he has a read access to) and every file of user A hardlinks to some
    other directory. Now user A can't effectively delete the file which is
    especially unpleasant when there is quota on this system. The best
    thing (OK after writing a system administrator) he can do is to truncate
    the files but then he will sooner or later exceed inde quota. And usually
    normal user won't notice anything till the quota will be exceeded...
    So I thing it would be good if hardlinks would be allowed only on files
    the user has write access to. I've consulted the Single Unix specification
    and I thing this behaviour is possible. There si witten:
    The implementation may require that the calling process has
    permission to access the existing file.

    And later in description of EACCESS:
    ...the calling process does not have permission to access
    the existing file and this is required by the implementation.

    So do you thing it has a sence and is possible to change the current

    Bye Honza

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