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SubjectRe: #!perl - alternative path to script interpreters - patch to 2.2

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999 wrote:
> > > OK. But you have to change script. More: you have to know nature of a
> > > problem (to remove '\r') - kernel will not tell you what is going wrong.
> > Sorry, but you've missed the interesting part of it. For example,
> > perl will react on \r in the script in funny way. You will have to remove
> > that stuff anyway.
> It's problem of perl not kernel - it should understand line with '\r'.
> (in my opinion) All characters '\000' to ' ' are blank.

Oh? Then what would you do about

#!/bin/make -f


#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w


#!/bin/tail +2

All are standard, the last one in form of

#!/bin/tail +2
Your account had been disabled for violation of AUP.
If you want to discuss the reasons, call <number>.
Have a nice day,
<local BOFH>

placed into /usr/local/sbin/FOAD, so that you could do
chsh -s /usr/local/sbin/FOAD lusername
when needed. And yes, it's a standard practice (modulo names).

If everything from '\0' to ' ' is whitespace you are going to have a fine
time with any langauge. And if CP/M bogosity with \r\n can be served by
stripping \r, what will you do with equally evil MacOS bogosity (\r)?
Hint: \r is *not* the same thing as \n - there are situations when two
newlines are different from a single newline (TeX, for one).

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