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SubjectRe: Lockup with 2.2.3 on SMP system - Follow ups on Keyboard problem.

Firstly thanks to Tim, Serge, Goofy :), Erwin and others.

I reported that my keyboard locked up twice, once after 5 days, then again
the next day whilst other all applications kept on working. It appears
that the keyboard either didn't send a interrupt on key entry, or overwhelmed
the system with continual interrupts (watching /proc/interrupts).
Seeing this problem was intermittent, and both cases were present I replace
the keyboard (I suppose after 3Yrs it had the right to die).
So far so good but I'll be convinced after 30 days.

These type of problems certainly increase ones understanding of Linux
internals especially trying to trap problems - love it :).

Cheers all, Grahame.

Sydney Linux User Group - Coordinator & Member (SLUG)
see for details on activities

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