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SubjectRe: PnP for Linux
On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Rayson Ho wrote:
> I think we can modify the Linux Kernel boot sequence:
> -- so that we can save one reboot!
> 1)Linux Kernel boots
> 2)Init runs
> 3)an rc script reads the hardware info (registry for Linux?)
> 4)the script runs a program to config the PnP devices
> 5)the script loads the modules for the PnP devices
> 6)normal startup sequence...
> ** By 'script' I mean the script + the necessary programs.
> This is the basic idea. Will this work??

Big problem with this is when your root device is on a (for example) plug
and play SCSI or IDE controller... there are some ways to work around it
using an initrd but that's kind of a pain IMO and is hard to work with in
the case of installs. The kernel really needs to do detection and
enabling before root filesystem is mounted IMO.


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