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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] SPAM from SGI - Greetings! (fwd)
On Wed, 10 Mar 1999 wrote:

>> I just got spammed by SGI! I'll put money on it that I'm not the
>> only subscribed member of linux-kernel that got this SPAM posting
>> from SGI either. It's either from linux-kernel or from
>> apollo-list, and most likely the former.
>Nope, SGI is seeking to hire people mostly based on personal recommendation
>or the personal history of people.

Well if that is true, then I find it very interesting that they
acquired my name. It's nice to see that people recommend me,
and that I have a good personal history.

>So you must be somehow of interest and I guess you just made
>votre grande paux pas de la vie ...

Well, if I'm of interest, I'm flattered. I can be honest though,
and I know nothing whatsoever about SGI's computers other than
that they are amazing speed demons used for high end graphics. I
would sure love to have one. ;o) However, I've never used one,
nor have any idea about the architecture. Playing with them and
making them believe I know about MIPS, etc. is not my style. I
believe in being honest about things.

So, after I read the thing, I could not see how I personally was
of interest to them since I obviously do not have experience in
what it appears they need. It is possible that they may need
someone for intel'ish stuff, but it didn't appear that way. So,
my logical conclusion since the letter was not individually
written to me, was that I was mass mailed. It did not in any way
appear to be hand picked. As such, I reacted to the letter as a
random SPAMming of linux-kernel members - something that really
ticks me off.

I see now that it may not have been quite the case. My judgement
perhaps was a little hasty, but nobody is perfect. I have
corresponded with the sender (Carol) of the letter, and she
apologized and cleared up my misunderstanding. I hold no
negative feelings about the issue anymore since it has now been
recified. SPAM is a sensitive issue with many, myself included.

It was not SPAM in the traditional sense. Nonetheless, I like to
get personal mail when someone is interested in me. It shows
that they are interested in you on a more personal level if you
know what I mean.

Perhaps I misreacted, I don't know. This list gets crazy every
now and then, and steam gets let off... a human thing...

I think that it is great what SGI, Sun and other companies are
doing by leaning into Linux now, and for that I tip my hat to
them. If I've offended them in reverse, for that I also
apologize, as that surely was not my intention either.

Sorry to have let this spill out into everyone elses mailbox.
Next time perhaps I'll try a personal reply first to ensure
there are no misunderstandings.

Take care,

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

The DVORAK keyboard layout RULES! I memorized it in 45 minutes
and I don't think I'm ever going back to QWERTY!

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