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SubjectRe: SoundBlaster PCI64
On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Raphael Becker wrote:

> Alex Belits wrote:
> > Ensonique/Creative "We Will Tell You That It Is Wavetable But Really It's
> > Two Channels, And One Of Them Is Used By Software MIDI Synthesizer, But
> > PCI Is Really Really Fast, So You Will Never Know The Difference"
> > AudioPCI.
> This may explain this errors:
> "unable to open /dev/sequencer, maybe locked by another program"
> :-(
> Am I right, PCI64 doesn╢t have MIDI on Board?

At least this is what docs that come with Opensound drivers say -- and
indeed, without their software midi emulator it looks like two identical
audio devices.


Excellent.. now give users the option to cut your hair you hippie!
-- Anonymous Coward

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