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SubjectRe: Fujitsu MO 640 doesn't work with 2.2.2?
On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Serguei Koubouchine wrote:

> The machine can be reliably crashed by writing to (or even reading lotta
> files from) the MO drive no matter whether it's plugged to the CDTxxxx or to
> a separate controller. No crashes when reading files from MO one-by-one with
> several seconds pause between reads. No crashes had been encountered on
> 2.2.0-pre6-ac2. Data corruption had been there since 2.1.129...

I have seen that sort of behavior also with Adaptec chips (AIC-7870 and
AIC-7895). My solution has been to avoid wild-car writes. Happens with
my M2513a but I do ever remember seeing it happen with the M2512a.


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