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    SubjectRe: Fujitsu MO 640 doesn't work with 2.2.2?
    On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > did send me the new v1.18 driver which solves this problem but unfortunately
    > > kernel crashes and data corruption are still there :-((
    > >
    > > I have not got any responce from them for my letters sent after February
    > > 25...
    > Data corruption suggests to me you should check the cabling, and also for
    > any known card/motherboard compatibility problems, then finally run whatever
    > hardware test tools ICP ship - this is a highly available raid subsystem
    > so I assume they ship a test disk even if its for DOS ?

    Don't you think I don't know how to handle SCSI devices, do you? We have a
    whole lot of them here and I DO know what the termination, term power etc.
    stand for :)) And yes, I have seen what a proper SCSI cabling looks like...
    Moreover, the same CD-ROM does work fine when I plug the cable off the GDT
    and insert the very same end of the very same cable connected to the very
    same devices into the narrow SCSI socket of a separate controller....

    Also I did hear somewhere that the thing called parity checking does exist
    for a SCSI bus... GDT monitor (native Linux, realtime :)) does not detect
    any errors :-((

    It's not a card/motherboard compatibility problem either - Windoze NT DOES
    install outta the CD-ROM on the same machine (this is the machine supplier's
    way to persuade us the hardware is OK)...

    Serguei Koubouchine aka the Tamer < > The impossible we do immediately.
    e-mail: SK320-RIPE < > Miracles require 24-hour notice.

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