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SubjectRe: Kernel interface changes (was Re: cdrecord problems on

> simply as another data point (and also because i don't know who else from
> michigan may be listening in on this thread), i used to work for the
> university of michigan. AFS is a pretty big thing there too, and getting
> a stable AFS client running on Linux would be important to decision-makers
> there (also 32-bit UID support, but that's a whole other bait can).
> i know Linus was just picking on AFS as an example, but AFS is one of
> those weird support issues -- not many people use it, but those who do,
> depend on it for everything.

Ook, so you depend on AFS. Do you need speed? If you can afford to
loose a _lot_ of speed, you can develop userland nfs daemon that will
re-export AFS. That way, you'll have portable & kernel-change-proof

I'm really Pavel
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