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SubjectRe: Loopback block device encyrption....
Daniel Zahn wrote the following:
> List,
> I am not subscribed so please CC or address any responses to me
> directly. Thanks.
> I was succesfully using the des patch found at
> to get encrypted
> file systems using the loopback block device with 2.0.X kernels.(This
> patch isn't as direct an installation as it says) I never got around to
> trying it with 2.1.X kernels.
> I recently acquired 2.2.X kernels and noticed that the loopback block
> device has gone through a few revisions. The above des patch obviously
> won't work. It looks like the thing now supports many more types of
> encryption. The problem is there is nothing indicating where to find the
> files to use those types of encryption. They don't seem to come with the
> kernel. Could someone point me in the right direction?

try ( specifically)

They've got a patch that'll get you a fair few encryption loopback
schemes going. I'm using it now (for the hell of it ;) and my box
isn't crashing.

CaT ( URL:

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It lit so bright,

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