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SubjectRe: Linux-2.2.2-pre2..

On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Oleg Drokin wrote:

> Yes. I can understand that. But why number of inodes only grows up?!
Because It's Done That Way (tm). The simplest way to fix it would
probably be switching to slabs instead of using raw pages.

Linus, do you have any objections against it? If it's OK for you
I'll roll a patch and submit it.
Another question: we still have a race in rename() on UNIX
filsystems (d_invalidate() stuff). It's pretty minor, so... Would you
accept it or it would better wait till 2.3? I do not dare to submit the
FAT-related piece - it's (a) too serious chunk and (b) I'm still not
satisfied with testing it got here.
Ob2.3: do you have any plans regarding the time when it will
begin? As in: late Spring/Fall/next year/go to hell/other ;-)

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