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SubjectRe: dmesg sickness
On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Jim Woodward wrote:
> > Hello, I have an obsession about having the whole dmesg of the
> > current kernel in a file... ok that worked in 2.0.36 collecting it with
> > the mouse mark/paste by scrolling back + the continuation ... NOW with
> > linux 2.2.x with frame buffer console enabled (matrox g200) I can't
> > capture my whole dmesg :(((
> you could try:
> cp /var/log/dmesg /path/to/where-you-want-the-file
> see if that does what you want..
> Regards, Jim.

for a solution that works on distributions that don't make a /var/log/dmesg
file, simply "dmesg > /path/to/file" in your last boot script, normally
something like rc.local.

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