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SubjectRe: ipfwadm in kernel 2.2.1
Fred Reimer wrote:
> Instead of ipfwadm -I -l try:
> ipchains -L
> Instead of ipfwadm -F -a accept ... try:
> ipchains -A forward -j ACCEPT ...

Or, if you've already got a script file that does multiple rules
to set up your system, use ipfwadm-wrapper instead of ipfwadm.

I put a bit of code at the beginning of my old script that does this:
if [ "`(uname -r | cut -d. -f2)`" = "0" ]
echo "using ipfwadm"
echo "using ipfwadm-wrapper for ipchains"
and changed (sed rules!) all the ipfwadm invocations to $IPFWADM :
# loopback interface
$IPFWADM -I -a accept -S -D -W lo

I did that back when I was trying out new kernels and might be
booting up either a new one or the old reliable 2.0.something.

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