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SubjectRe: Kernel interface changes (was Re: cdrecord problems on

> > Unfortunately, I think it is a problem you have to take up and deal with.
> > Recompiling sources for entire server setups in a live production
> So you use the 2.0 version until a 2.2 version stabilizes. The problem
> really is that the Linux unreliable development kernel is so good that
> people actually want to run production systems on it, and then complain when
> it does not stay stable.

we're not talking about going from 2.0 to 2.2; we're talking about going
from 2.0.33 to 2.0.34. In the past, many changes have been made which
have broken binary compatibility without warning and without good reason.
*THIS MUST NOT CONTINUE HAPPENING* if Linux expects to get anywhere.
Kevin L. Mitchell <>
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