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SubjectRe: PCI Token-ring cards
On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

> > Does anyone know if the IBM Tropic token-ring driver supports the PCI
> > token-ring cards, in particular, the newer 100/16/4 cards?
> The TR driver maintainers have only recently been given access to the API
> for the chipsets used on these. BTW, what is '100' TR? I've not heard of
> this.

100 Megabit Token-Ring. This is BRAND NEW, I just got a few of the cards
in this week for some machines, and the drivers that ship with the crad
for Windows/OS2/etc are the ones that have only been up on teh website
since december, I suspect these cards hit the market at the beginning of
the year. I'm dying to try the 100Mbit. Basic scoop is that they will do
100mbit over Cat 5. About time IBM delivered on their promises of 100Mbit.



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