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Subject2.0.36 serial.o module count wrong
On 2.0.36 the serial.o use count goes to 2 at load (via insmod) and
stays there. Running X increments it to 3 ..

it003:~> /sbin/lsmod
Module: #pages: Used by:
serial 7 2
softdog 1 1 (autoclean)
nfs 12 9 (autoclean)

I'll have a look.

And aside from that the serial ports "don't work" (tm). Work fine under
2.0.25, to which I am retreating .. grotty old P100's on vx.

I got a response from the mouse by force-loading the 2.0.25 serial
module under 2.0.36, and configuring it as mman under gpm. It goes as
ms under 2.0.25! But after stopping gpm and retrying, it wouldn't go
again ...

2: 0 cascade
3: 6 + serial
4: 17 + serial <- ttyS0
10: 2656 3c509

I don't know where the irq's on 3 came from. setserial says they're
configured standardly. There's no modem. There is one more net card ..
the bios is awful.


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