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SubjectRe: RMS at it again *sigh*
On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Alex Buell wrote:

> I just read an article by RMS in which he is thinking of changing
> libraries over from the LGPL to the GPL. This will have the unwanted
> side-effect of driving commercial interests away from further ports of
> proprietary software (potentially deny these ports' future conversion to
> open source)
> RMS's article is at
> That man is starting to worry me. If he forces certain critical libraries
> such as glibc into the GPL instead of the current LGPL, it spells deep
> trouble for all.

IMHO, he is a paranoid... LiGNUx, GPL for libraries, making commercial
programs impossible on Linux... It's not a boost for a free software, it's a
suicide for Linux :-((

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