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SubjectRe: howto disable auto route setup?

> Why is that and where can I get documentation on the ip
> program?

Builtin helper, intuition and common sense 8)8)8)
Actually, it is too well documented, some folks managed
to discover some features, which I'd prefer to hold down
for a time 8)8)

> Specifically I have a problem where I seem to need to
> set a src addr on a route which means I need to use ip rather

Ahh, please, send me ifconfig ippp0 and ip addr ls dev ippp0.
It is very strange situation smelling pretty bad.

> than route, but I also need a metric.

I think, you use an old version of iproute2, issued
in the time, when kernel had no metric.

> "ip" seems to call that "weight" but how do I set it?

"weight" is not metic, it is relative weight of nexthop
in multipath route.

> And why doesn't "ip route"
> show any weights/metrics even though "netstat -rne" does?

Get more fresh one.


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