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SubjectRe: Kernel-Support for "miro media View-PC"?
> >You will need to do X11 rather than kernel work to make it happen, but the
> >S3 chips are documented (S3 only do paper manuals though - wake up S3 8))
> >and I believe ITT document their components sensibly too.
> It seems to me like it's a video card, so it would be a video4linux
> issue, not (only) a X11 issue.

Where the grabber and the video are coupled together you need to manage so
much shared state it basically has to be in the grabber. In general
video4linux (kernel) is an API I invented out of various other peoples[1] work
primarily to get a constant API X could use for awkward cards. At the end
of the day the real API is Xvideo and belongs in X11 - at least for most
types of work.


[1] Notably Ralph & Marcus Metzler

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