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SubjectRe: Kernel-Support for "miro media View-PC"?
> The Chips on the Tuner-Card are 
> "ITT MSP 3400C-PS-C6 81-WGA-FA"
> "ITT TPU 3040"
> "ITT VPX3220A-PR-C4 59 WGA-FA"
> This seems to be an older Model of the miro-cards, the BIOS is:
> "media View-PC Vers. 2.00 12.03.1996" (dd-mm-yyyy).
> Does anyone know that card and do i have a chance to get it running
> under Linux?

You will need to do X11 rather than kernel work to make it happen, but the
S3 chips are documented (S3 only do paper manuals though - wake up S3 8))
and I believe ITT document their components sensibly too.

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