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SubjectRe: Linux-2.2.X/Dec-CelebrisFP-590: not booting

> Hermann Himmelbauer <> writes:

[snip of details]
> > We tried to load Linux with LILO, loadlin and directly from a floppy
> > (created with "dd"), always the same behavior:
> >
> > Uncompressing Linux...done
> > Now booting the Kernel
I <> wrote:
> I had the same problem with a K5 -- I changed a bunch of options
> (almost at random) and finally got it to boot. The options I suspect
> the were causing my hangs are one of the following:

[Snip of totally wrong guess]

OOops - it turns out I also changed CONFIG_SBPCD=y to CONFIG_SBPCD=m
and I had an append="sbpcd=0x630" in my /etc/lilo.conf -- the sbpcd
driver now requires two paremeters and the kernel will hang during
boot if it does not get them, recompiling sbpcd into the kernel and
changing my /etc/lilo.conf to append="sbpcd=0x630,0" made everything
work. My apologies if anyone wasted any time on my faulty

If we are not to make the kernel (or sbpcd) more forgiving about
outdated append lines, would it not be wise to mention this in

Anyway it works great, now to go back and put all the
config choices the way I wanted them :-).

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