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    SubjectRe: 2.2 network questions wrote:

    > Hello!


    > > 1) Aliased interfaces disappeared from /proc/net. "route" doesn't show
    > > aliased interfaces, instead it shows a parent one. At least one
    > > automatic firewalling script broke because of this - it got the IP
    > > addresses to pass through firewall basing on interface names from
    > > /proc/net/dev.
    > The only valid way to get IP addresses is ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF).
    > /proc/net/dev lists available hardware, rather than IP addresses.

    Hmm. Maybe there is a possibility to do some addition to 2.2 to list
    aliases in some special /proc file? Like /proc/aliases?
    The reason for this is that calling ioctl from e.g. perl is not, err,
    convinient :)

    I can live without /proc/aliases, although I would be a lot more happier
    person if
    they existed.

    The main 2.2 showstopper is changed firewall semantics - i.e. no way
    interface IP instead of interface name. This stops me from putting 2.2
    PPP serving boxes, as well as poses even troubles on multihomed host,
    where I
    neither easily can get listed of interface aliases nor configure
    ipchains with an
    IP directly. :)

    > > 2) "ifconfig down" (net-tools 1.50) on an aliased interface also brings
    > > the parent interface down. Ouch.
    > Please, explain. Only :-less down downs the interface. I cannot reproduce
    > the phenomenon. You sample with lo:1 does not down lo, certainly.
    > Well, I am puzzled... Is it possible, that nettools-1.50 strips suffix :1
    > itself???

    I'm not sure, but some people experienced this bug as well (there is a
    small thread
    about this on linux-kernel), and some guy posted a message this is known
    developers and will be fixed in the next net-tools. So I'm waiting for
    them now.

    > > 4) diald refuses to work on 2.2. Maybe there is a patch to fix this? I
    > > know pppd-2.3.5 supports demand dialing, but diald has been working fine
    > > for over a year now, changing it to something new would take time..
    > To all that I know diald does not require patching and works equally
    > in 2.0 and 2.2. Well, try
    > It DOES work and it does not contain any fixes, specific to 2.2,
    > only some generic buglets.

    Well, I installed the new version (0.98 made by some other guy than
    author) and its working ok now. Stock 0.16 didn't, though, and kernel
    constantly telling that it used some obsolete feature.

    > > 5) Any known problems with gated due to changed aliased interface
    > > policy?
    > No new problems.
    > Pure gated-3.5.10 does not work with aliases both for 2.0 and for 2.2.
    > I hope, 3.5.11 will work. Stock gated-3.5.9 can be used both for 2.0 and 2.2,
    > for 2.2 patch*.dif.gz
    > is also available.

    That is good news - I also hope your gii patch will make it into 3.5.x
    branch as
    well ;)

    Best Regards
    Vladimir Ivaschenko

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