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    SubjectKernel 2.2.1 and sysvinit 2.76 possible bug
    I pass along this exchange for the readers of this list since it appears
    to be relevant:

    According to Dan Srebnick:

    > Thank you again for pointing me towards the newest sysvinit release the
    > other day. I installed 2.76 under kernel 2.2.1 linked with glibc2.06.
    > My results were absolutely terrible. While the program compiled just
    > fine, after installation, my machine became terribly unstable. It would
    > spontaneously reboot at intervals from 10 minutes to several hours. I
    > have backed off to a 2.64 release linked against libc5.
    > If there is any further information that I can provide, please let me
    > know. In all cases, there was no dump, just a screen blanking and a jump
    > to the bios start routine.

    This is the response from

    This sounds like a kernel problem. A user level program should not
    be able to crash the machine. Even if sysvinit _was_ the culprit
    (which I doubt) then a reboot is still a kernel bug.

    Try backing off to 2.0.36

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