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    SubjectRe: AMD K6-2/400 and FIC VA-503+BM with Linux 2.0.36

    > I recently purchased 4 AMD K6-2/400 CPUs and 4 FIC VA-503+BM
    > MBs with which I am building a Beowulf cluster for parallel
    > algebraic computations in membrane theory. In testing the
    > hardware prior to parallelizing my application, I encountered
    > the following types of problems:
    > - random seg faults and parsing errors during kernel build
    > - random silent deaths, illops and seg faults in wmclock
    > (always same address when a core file is generated:
    > illop = 80493c2, seg fault = 80493c8)
    > - subtle variation in bogomips from one reboot to the next
    > (always 799.54 or 801.18)
    > - emacs under X seg faults after above problems appear
    > (always same address - 401e4811)
    > - hard system hangs (must reset)

    I am having similar problems with some K6-2/350 and VA-503+ MB's
    design. Exact same symtoms, and if I move to the next lower
    speed, it works fine. Replaced processors, same problem. So it is
    either a widespread problem with the K6's quality control, or the
    VA-503+'s. Most people blame the memory, but I've tried enough
    different pieces of memory to know better, by this time.

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