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SubjectRe: NFS fails after 40 minutes of use
"Richard B. Johnson" wrote:
> In the following I show that about 40 minutes into an across-the
> network-backup, the remote mount-point becomes inaccessible.
> Both machines are running Linux 2.2.1 The server is running a
> Red Hat 5.2 release. The client is running software accumulated
> over several years (not a vendor release).
> Neither the client, nor the server appear to run out of memory.
> There are no entries in the logs of either machines to show the
> problem.
> This is 100% repeatable.

I have previously reported a similar problem,
reproduceable with a single machine:

mount localhost:/ /x
dd if=/dev/zero of=/junk bs=1024k count=200
diff junk /x/junk

This often (not always) fails with *differences* on the "diff".
Happens with userland NFS only; not (yet) with knfsd.

The system is a P2-450Mhz with 128MB and *very fast*
raid0 (18-20MByte/sec) disk I/O.

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