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SubjectRe: weird behaviour of mv between filesystems
Helge Hafting wrote the following:
> > > Neither -- mv invoked to move data between files systems copies from
> > > source to dest. then chown's and chmods the destination to match the
> > > source.
> > >=20
> > > I would guess your destination is FAT which doesn't support the
> > > above... so the warnings are more or less harmless.
> >
> > =2E.. and result in the original files not being deleted.
> Reasonable I think - the ownership information could be
> valuable, loosing it without warning could be nasty sometimes.

Aye. Wish there was a flag that one could use that said something
along the lines of "cease caring about things that cannot be set on
a particular filesystem" and just do it.

> ext2-formatted zipdrives solves this.

Maybe so, but I also have vfat partitions on the HD that I move data
onto from the linux partition. all in all it's very annoying. I expect
the mv command to well... move. I already know the limitations and have
decided I could live with em.

What package is mv in? file-utils? Is such a flag as above possible
without adding something to the kernel that'd allow a filesystem
to report it's capabilities?

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