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SubjectIDE Tape Drives
Hi Folks -

I am sorry to disturb your kernel development activities but I am having
major problems with a Sony SuperStation IDE drive I recently purchased. Is
this drive supported by the Linux kernel? Is support for it broken in the
2.2.1 series of kernels? I currently use RedHat 5.2 that has been
customized to support kernel 2.2.1. If I compile the IDE/Tape as a loadable
module at run time I am able to store and retrieve small amounts of data but
trying to store large amounts of data will always result in lots of I/O
errors. Moreover, if I compile the IDE/Tape module statically into the
kernel and try to backup anything I will immediately get a kernel panic and
the whole system locks up solid. At this point I usually end up having to
hit the reset button to regain control of my workstation.

I had the ftape module working for a while but after I installed this drive
I removed support for it. Is there something else apart from ATAPI/TAPE
support that needs to be compiled into the kernel for this to work?

I really could use some help with this. I have emailed the author of
ide-tape.c but have not received any response yet so I figured here was the
best place to ask for help.

Thank You.

Juan Casero

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