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    SubjectRe: iput: inode under I/O?
    On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Alexander Viro wrote:

    >On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Jim Woodward wrote:
    >> Feb 21 19:58:47 jim kernel: iput: inode under I/O
    >> What does this mean? - it appeared while shutting a 6000+ message folder
    >> under pine 4.10..
    >> im running kernel 2.2.2-pre2-arca6
    >> anyone knows what this kernel message means?
    > Most likely it means that Andrea's patch regarding icache reaping
    >is over-agressive. Could you try to reproduce it with official tree?

    He has no way to reproduce the message with the official tree because
    it doesn't exist there ;). But I removed the iput -> unused list thing
    here too.

    Andrea Arcangeli

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