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SubjectRe: Cipe 1.2.0 + 2.2.1

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Olaf Titz wrote:

> > > Hello Greg, On the off chance , did you enable tunnel support
> > > in the kernel ? Hth
> > Nope. But your suggestion worked. When I recompiled w/ IP
> > tunneling enabled, the cipe device came up and all was well. Thanks for
> > the tip!!!
> Ehm, the proper tip was "recompile", not "tunnel enabled". ;-) CIPE
> contains a duplication of the regular IPIP tunneling code and does
> never touch or need the real tunnel driver in any way.
> But every instance of "opendev: alloc: EPERM" I've ever heard of was
> due to a mismatch between kernel and CIPE module. Although I still
> don't know why this particular error comes up it's invariably fixed by
> recompiling the CIPE modules. This belongs on a FAQ page.

Weird.. VERY weird....

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