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    SubjectRe: TCP hangs over PPP on kernel 2.2.1, ok on 2.0.36
    Franklin Johnson wrote:
    > All of this works fine on 2.0.36 with similar kernel config options.
    > I've installed kernel 2.2.1 and it boots just fine. My local network (on
    > works great.
    > But TCP doesn't seem to function over the PPP interface. I can ping and
    > traceroute hosts all over the place without a problem but if I try to
    > telnet to a host the connection hangs after "Escape character is '^]'."
    > Ftp exhibits just about the same behavior. Netstat reports established
    > connections and ifconfig shows incoming and outgoing packets with no
    > errors. When telnet is killed, netstat shows a fin_wait1 like forever.
    > Since I can't get online properly I haven't been able to test incoming
    > connections.

    <remainder snipped>

    Have you done a tcpdump of the interface? I ran into a problem on my
    home system where my ISP's brain-dead web server can't handle the new
    kernel's piggybacked FIN on the last data frame. A tcpdump of the
    interface should tell you who's not paying attention to what.

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