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    SubjectRe: Unicode console patch
    On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Marcin Dalecki wrote:

    > Mike Jagdis wrote:
    > > Maybe what we really need is a really dumb basic console which
    > > has hooks for "emulation" modules to be loaded so you can make
    > > it behave any damn way you like...
    > Well just for the record. There actually already is something like
    > that out there. It's called LINE DISCIPLINE...

    Vaguely. But that sits on the input side, does edit/interrupt
    handling and the like, and isn't stackable. (It would be nice
    if you could push a keyboard mapping layer on _any_ tty device).

    We would want something similar that sat on the output side
    and changed some output sequences into operations on the console
    display itself.

    Of course, you could do much of this as a user program that used
    a pty and wrote directly to /dev/vcsa? devices. Then the kernel
    side could be _really_ light :-).


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