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    SubjectRe: arla 0.21 Oops on Linux 2.2.1
    On 3 Feb 1999, Magnus Ahltorp wrote:

    > > >>EIP: c015efc0 <get_stat+c0/2c0>
    > > Trace: c01336ef <lookup_dentry+1ef/280>
    > > Trace: c015fc2f <get_process_array+6f/c0>
    > > Trace: c015fd6a <array_read+ea/240>
    > > Trace: c012a404 <filp_open+44/100>
    > > Trace: c012abae <sys_read+ae/100>
    > > Trace: c010a82c <system_call+34/38>
    > I have not dug far into this, since I don't have a 2.2.1 i386 kernel
    > compiled at the moment. Would you mind comparing the assembly source
    > from "objdump -d fs/proc/array.o" (the get_stat function) with the C
    > source in fs/proc/array.c (or just send me the assembly source for the
    > get_stat function)?
    > I looked at the differences between 2.2.0 and 2.2.1, and there have
    > been quite some changes in that function. I cannot think of any reason
    > why this should be an arla problem. It is surely a bug, I just think
    > it's a kernel one.

    i think you're right about that. i've copied linux-kernel on this note to
    log the problem.

    also, i was able to oops a 2.2.1 machine running arla 0.19. 0.19 had been
    working fine before upgrading to 2.2.1.

    the oops occurs on the first instruction for the statement at line 858 of
    fs/proc/array.c, in function get_stat():

    vsize += vma->vm_end - vma->vm_start;

    in assembler, that's:

    movl 4(%edx),%eax
    movl 8(%edx),%ecx
    subl %eax,%ecx
    movl %ecx,%eax
    addl %eax,%edi
    movl 12(%edx),%edx

    vma is in %edx, and according to ksymoops, it contained 0x00000001. this
    bogus value came from either tsk->mm->mmap, or vma->vm_next ; i can't tell

    - Chuck Lever
    corporate: <>
    personal: <> or <>

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