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    SubjectRe: Bloat thread...
    On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Arvind Sankar wrote:

    > > Developing a web front-end with the functionality of "make xconfig"
    > > would be a pretty trivial project. I would be great to have a webserver
    > > that would
    > > allow building custom kernels and archive the configurations that are
    > > built.
    > mm. I'm trying to do a front-end, and I can see one problem. The current
    > config scripts are meant to be interpreted rather than compiled. As of now,
    > all the constructs _can_ be compiled eg to create a web form. However, since the
    > linus tree is not guaranteed to maintain this behaviour, this might become
    > false in the future. I _don't_ want to use javascript etc to do the config
    > because if you can run netscape with java on ur machine, u can probably compile
    > a kernel anyway. Need a front end that can be accessed with lynx. Alternative
    > is to use telnet with shell=make config.
    Why don't you use PHP3 to generate the front-end?


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