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    SubjectRe: 2.2.1 scheduler behavior

    Ingo Molnar <> writes:

    > could you try the attached patch? It's a fixed/cleaned up version of Paul
    > Campbell <>'s 2.2.0 patch, with this patch we
    > immediately send signal events to other CPUs too. It's against recent
    > 2.2.[01] kernels.
    > -- mingo

    With your patch applied + priority FIFO 90 + rtc 8192 Hz with Kernel
    2.2.1, then we have pretty much the same results as 2.0.36 (as a
    matter of fact, we gain in stability wrt to the rest of the system
    since we put our processes in the FF queue)

    Your patch also improves things when RTC is not used. So you probably
    pin point someting important. And the system is still responsive.

    Thanks for your help and I am willing to test and help you (if
    possible) with any other patch that improves the scheduler.


    Claude Gamache, CAE Electronique Ltee, 8585 Cote-de-Liesse
    Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4T 1G6
    Email: Tel.: (514) 341-2000 x3194, Fax: (514) 734-5612

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