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SubjectRe: fsync on large files
> I would also suggest that Stephen actually drop ext2 altogether. There's
> just too much historical stuff in most filesystems - things like having
> "." and ".." in directories, even though Linux doesn't need them and they

ext2 is a multiplatform file system. Linux, HURD, BSD, OS/2, RiscOS last
time I checked.

> only complicate renaming and loopback mounting a lot. There's also a lot
> of code to handle concurrent writes etc, which can't happen any more.

But will need to occur for future scaling.

> doing a new filesystem, it should be done like "ext2" was originally done:
> by designing a new one, rather than building more scaffolding on top of an
> old one.

Linux has a lot of cruft in it maybe while doing journalling we should throw
the OS away and rewrite that too ? - I hope Im misunderstanding your argument.


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