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    SubjectRe: Possible ld-so bug.

    > Yes. The install does `mv library library.sav` ; `cp new_library library`.
    > So, In principle, this should work. However it doesn't, apparently
    > because one can only perform one operation at a time so at some instant,
    > there is a new and an old And `mv`, `install`,
    > 'cp`, etc. all use these libraries. This would not happen if the library
    > version numbers were different because 'mv'. etc., would always use
    > the it was linked against.

    Hmm, you don't need to do it at same time. You just want to do it from
    one executable. So if you do neccessary operations from midnight
    commander (:-O) you should be ok.

    I'm really Pavel
    Look at ;-).

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