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SubjectRe: Disk statistics tool for Linux ?
On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Francois Desarmenien wrote:

> In a recent threat on linux-kernel, I read something like there wasn't anything
> like sar or vmstat tools.
> While should be doable using the /proc filesystem, I'm wondering about disk
> activity statistics:
> Using big database like Oracle requires a very fine tuning of disk activity, like
> CPU wait I/O, disk percent I/O busy, I/O thoughtput on so on.
> Do you think it can be done with Linux, as I'm planning to migrate some rather
> big databases (some table with roughly 10^7 rows) from SCO to Linux, but I really
> need those tools to administrate the databases correctly.
> Ineed the rest of the tools, of course, is really needed too, as it is very important
> to to have pertinent snapshots of both Oracle statistics and OS statistics at the same time...
> Thank you for reading me
> Fran=E7ois D=E9sarm=E9nien

I suggest you take a look at the tools 'procinfo' and 'vmstat', both
extract the kernel information from the /proc filesystem and present it
in a human-readable form.

I personally like to use procinfo as: 'procinfo -D -n1'

For hard drive performance tuning, I suggest using 'hdparm' as well. And
if you plan to use IDE drives, make sure they and your motherboard chipset
is detected as UDMA-capable.

I also suggest that you take a look ad the mdutils and raidutils for
creating a fast software raid array. Stay away from software raid5 if you
want performance (find another way to get data security then (two radi0
arrays?)). I've seen a 40GB raid0 array of four 7200RPM Maxtor UDMA
drives do about 30Mbytes/sec (2GB bonnie test) on a
Celeron333/IntelBX(Asus) system.


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