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SubjectRe: fsync on large files
On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Steven Roberts wrote:
> Kai Henningsen wrote:
> > (Dan Hollis) wrote:
> > > I have *destroyed* seagate scsi drives by syslog's fsync'ing too much.
> > > (A syslog server handling 50 syslog lines/sec on average)
> > > After 2 destroyed drives in 2 months, one learns rather quickly to turn
> > > off fsync action.
> > I should think what one learns is to avoid Seagate drives.
> agreed... I once had the misforntune of moving data from a maxtor drive
> that sounded
> like it was going to die to a seagate barracuda. within a week the
> seagate drive blew itself up (mostly idle machine even)... it of course
> had to coincide with my tape drive going bad so no backups... though it
> is good learning experience on the internals of ext2 doing a manually
> undelete of 100's of MB's :) -- and of course maxtor is still working
> great in my linux box that acts as my internet gateway (the drive has
> been in 24/7 use since '93 or so when I first installed linux 0.99pl11)

I've also destroyed maxtors with synchronous syslog. I dont think any
drive is up to the task of 50 writes/sec on the same spot on the disk 24/7
for weeks on end.


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